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Best Home Warranty Companies
in Сalifornia in Virginia 2024

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Last updated: May 2024

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Top 3 Home Warranty Companies

Great Value

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Exceptional 9.9

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Very Good 9.6

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Choice Home Warranty - Award-winning provider with comprehensive coverage

  • Fall Into Savings- $50 off + 1 Month Free
  • 15,000+ local pre-screened technicians
  • Handled more than 6,000,000 service requests
  • Covers more than 2 million homes across the USA




Home Service Club - Simple to sign-up to protect your appliances

  • $75 off + 1 month free
  • Fix or replace guarantee
  • Covers all models and makes


Very Good


Service Plus - 25 years experience protecting against unexpected repair bills

  • Fall Sale: $250 off + 2 free months!
  • 25,000+ technicians nationwide
  • 24/7 home warranty service


Very Good


Home Warranty of America - 25 years experience protecting against unexpected repair bills

  • $150 off + 1 month free
  • 25,000+ technicians nationwide
  • 24/7 home warranty service


Very Good


First Premier - Straightforward, reliable home warranty with easy signup

  • $200 Off + 2 Months & Free Roof Coverage
  • High customer renewal rate
  • Dedicated customer claims representatives




Elite Home Warranty - Experience the ultimate home warranty protection

  • Accredited & A+ Rated on the Better Business Bureau
  • Very Competitive Rates
  • 30-Day Free Trial
  • 24/7 Live Claims Concierge Services




American Home Shield - Pricing and plans for all budgets

  • $50 off home warranty plans
  • Covers up to 21 appliances' major components
  • 1.8+ million customers across the US



4.0 out of 5

Visit site ahs.com


First American Home Warranty - Experienced provider offering unique, custom plans

  • $100 instant online discount
  • 24/7 service requests
  • Will replace systems that can't be repaired



4.0 out of 5

Visit site go.fahw.com

Best Home Warranty Companies in California

In the diverse landscapes of California, from the sunny coastal regions to the fertile valleys and the bustling urban centers, homeowners recognize the importance of protecting their homes against the state’s varied climate. Home warranty companies offer Californians crucial coverage for unexpected repairs and replacements of major home systems and appliances. When choosing a home warranty provider in California, consider factors such as comprehensive coverage that addresses everything from coastal humidity to inland heat, competitive pricing, customer service excellence, and a reputation for understanding the Golden State’s unique living conditions.

Below are some of the top home warranty companies in 2024, acclaimed by customer reviews and expert evaluations, specifically serving the California market:

Choice Home Warranty – California’s Preferred Protection

Choice Home Warranty stands as a prominent home warranty provider in the United States, with a special focus on accommodating the diverse needs of California homeowners. Their extensive coverage options are crafted to address the particular demands of California’s climate, from coastal fog to inland heatwaves, making them a leading choice for the Golden State’s residents. Their plans offer a safeguard against the unexpected failures of crucial home systems and appliances, which is essential in the face of California’s environmental variety.

Boasting a network of proficient technicians throughout California, from the dynamic cities of Los Angeles and San Francisco to the serene vineyards of Napa Valley, Choice Home Warranty guarantees timely and effective service. This commitment significantly reduces the hassle and potential costs for homeowners. They prioritize customer satisfaction, offering 24/7 support to ensure Californians have access to help whenever needed.

With a clear and efficient claims process and competitive pricing, Choice Home Warranty emerges as a favored option for Californians in search of reliable home protection. They are noted for their attentive customer service and smooth claims experience, and they provide specialized plans that cater to California-specific needs, such as coverage for pools and spas, which are popular features in many California homes.

Select Home Warranty – California’s Home Protection

Select Home Warranty is a leading home warranty provider in the United States, earning a distinguished reputation in California for its expansive coverage options and dedication to customer satisfaction. They deliver an exceptional array of services tailored for Californian homeowners, providing robust protection against the diverse climate conditions, from the foggy northern coasts to the sunny southern valleys. Their flexible plans are crafted to safeguard vital home systems and appliances, ensuring swift and effective resolutions to any unexpected breakdowns and repairs.

Spanning across California, from the bustling streets of Los Angeles to the tech hubs of Silicon Valley, Select Home Warranty’s network of experienced technicians ensures that professional assistance is always within reach, minimizing inconvenience and financial impact. Their commitment to round-the-clock customer support and a straightforward claims process, paired with competitive pricing, positions them as a top selection for Californians seeking dependable home warranty coverage.

Select Home Warranty addresses the unique needs of Californians with three tailored plan options, plus additional coverage for items like pool and spa systems, which are common in the California lifestyle. The company is known for its affordable pricing and quick claims process, with a reputation for approving most claims within a day.

The Home Service Club – California’s Reliable Home Care Ally

The Home Service Club is a prominent home warranty provider in the United States, offering extensive coverage that resonates with the varied needs of California homeowners. Their network of vetted contractors is adept at navigating the complexities of California’s climate, from the coastal moisture to the inland heat, ensuring timely and reliable service for the maintenance, repair, or replacement of essential home systems and appliances.

In California, where lifestyle and comfort are paramount, The Home Service Club’s commitment to customer satisfaction is evident. They provide 24/7 customer support, a crucial service for Californians who may need assistance at any moment, whether it’s due to a sudden fog-induced chill or an unexpected heat wave.

The Home Service Club’s adaptable plans are thoughtfully designed to align with the unique environmental conditions and financial considerations of Californians, offering a customizable home warranty solution. Choosing The Home Service Club in California means homeowners can rest assured that their home’s key systems and appliances are protected, with professional help readily available whenever needed.

Home Warranty Of America – California’s Customized Protection Specialist

Home Warranty Of America stands out in California for its flexible plans that are finely tuned to the diverse needs and budgets of the Golden State’s homeowners. Their coverage spans a broad array of systems and appliances, essential for the California way of life, with options to include additional safeguards for items like pool equipment and well pumps—amenities that are particularly significant given California’s climate and lifestyle.

Home Warranty Of America is synonymous with trust, offering a 30-day workmanship guarantee to ensure that any service provided meets the high standards Californians expect. They also boast a network of pre-screened technicians, guaranteeing that only the most competent professionals are deployed to service your home.

Californians can take comfort in a home warranty plan designed with their specific environmental conditions in mind, offering a layer of defense against the potential ravages of coastal salt air, valley heat, and mountain snow.

Service Plus – California’s Comprehensive Home Care Partner

Service Plus stands out as a premier home warranty provider in the United States, with a significant footprint in California, offering broad coverage that empowers homeowners to safeguard their home systems and appliances against unforeseen events. Amidst California’s varied landscapes, from the coastal regions to the inland valleys, Service Plus provides a reliable defense against the breakdowns that can occur due to the state’s unique environmental conditions.

With a commitment to customer satisfaction, Service Plus is noted for its prompt and efficient service, underpinned by a network of adept and certified technicians who are familiar with California’s diverse housing needs. They are prepared to handle any covered repairs quickly and effectively, ensuring coverage from the bustling cities to the quieter, rural areas.

Service Plus streamlines the home protection experience with an accessible claims process, allowing California homeowners to easily request service and receive the help they need without delay. Their adaptable plans are designed to meet the specific needs and budgets of Californians, providing the flexibility to choose coverage options that align with their individual lifestyles.

Opting for Service Plus means placing the care of your home’s vital systems in the hands of a reliable and responsive home warranty provider, offering Californians a sense of security amidst the dynamic climate and lifestyle of their state.

First Premiere – California’s Premier Home Warranty Provider

First Premiere is a renowned home warranty provider in the United States, with a robust presence in California, offering comprehensive coverage that allows homeowners to relax, knowing their homes are well-protected. In California, where the natural beauty ranges from sun-kissed beaches to towering forests, First Premiere provides the peace of mind that comes with knowing your home’s systems and appliances are safeguarded against the unexpected.

First Premiere sets itself apart in the California market with a dedication to personalized service and a keen eye for detail. Their team of seasoned experts is devoted to delivering swift and reliable service, which is essential for California homeowners who depend on their home’s systems to navigate the state’s diverse climates.

Transparency and clear communication are hallmarks of First Premiere, qualities that are particularly appreciated by Californians who value straightforward dealings. Their plans are flexible, crafted to meet the varied needs and financial considerations of Californians, whether they reside in bustling cities or tranquil coastal towns.

Opting for First Premiere means placing the well-being of your California home in the hands of a trusted provider, known for its robust protection and exceptional customer service, ensuring that your home remains a haven amidst the dynamic California landscape.

Choosing a California Home Warranty Company

When selecting a home warranty in California, it’s essential to pick a provider that understands the nuances of California homes and the diverse challenges they face, from coastal salt air to inland heat waves. Seek out transparent pricing, straightforward terms, and a company that showcases a deep comprehension of California’s varied climates and the lifestyles they support.

In Summary

For Californians, a home is more than a residence; it’s a haven that reflects their dynamic spirit and the state’s eclectic charm. Ensuring protection against unexpected system and appliance malfunctions is vital. Choosing a home warranty tailored to California ensures that homeowners have the confidence and security they need, with services that are finely tuned to the distinctive requirements of life in the Golden State.

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Best Home Warranty Companies

Standard California Benefits

  • 1 Protection against California’s diverse climate, from coastal humidity to inland heat
  • 2 Customized coverage for California’s unique home designs and systems
  • 3 Confidence in your home’s ability to stand strong under the golden California sun

Emotional Benefits for Californians

  • 1 Peace of mind amidst California’s varying environmental conditions
  • 2 Assurance that your personal sanctuary is fully protected in the Golden State
  • 3 Serenity in knowing your California home is secure, allowing you to savor the state’s natural beauty and lifestyle without concern